Custom Heat Shields from Thermal Protection Inc

We custom manufacture heat shields (HS) that provide the following results:

The exhaust pipe (hot contact surface temperature)
1730°F - 1200°F

Outside temperature of HS (cold side surface temperature)
500°F -  350°F

This is a standard 3/8" thick HS with no air flow (heat soak) for 48 hours.

Exterior HS surface temperature with air flow across the HS is typically 100°F.

silver reflective barrierKoolbox IV heat shield with CO attachment

thermal heat shieldFerrari F430 header heat shield

ultra thin reflective barrierUnmanned helicopter exhaust pipe heat shield aft of turbo

thermal reflective barrierClose-up of exhaust pipe heat shield

thermal reflective filmUnmanned helicopter muffler heat shield

Frontier Turbo silver heat shieldTRD's CART turbo heat shield

thermal protection foilCART "Y" pipe heat shield

gold protection foilCART waste gate heat shield

silver protection filmSaleen S7 Header Heat Shield

ultra thin protection foilSaleen S-7 Header Heat Shield

ultra thin reflective tapeSaleen S-7 bulkhead heat shield

thermal reflective foilSaleen S-7 Turbo heat shield

custom gold reflective tapeSaleen S-7 turbo heat shield installed in car

diamond silver reflective film for Ford GTX1Close-up of the Ford GTX1

silver heat shield filmFord GTX1 heat shield

thermal reflective tapeTurbo Heat Shield for Ulmer Racing

silver reflective tapeHeat Shield for the Yamaha FX Nytro header and exhaust

thermal protection filmTurbo used by Ulmer Racing on the Yamaha FX Nytro snowmobile

world speed exhaust pipe silver heat shields

The under side view of the Worldspeed header heat shield

custom silver protective foil for Pro Mazda

Worldspeed header heat shield for Pro Formula Mazda

turbo gold heat shield

Lotus Elise Header and turbo Heat shield

kawasaki ulta thin reflective foil

Kawasaki KX450 carb cover heat shield